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  • Elise De la Pisa

How Broiler Chicks Can Benefit From BSF Diet

Broiler chicks commonly suffer from a variety of diseases and health conditions. Maintaining peak levels of poultry health is vital for farmers and producers wishing to give their flocks a fighting chance. Many poultry health problems can go virtually undetected for days or weeks on end, while others can kill chickens within a matter of hours.

Common problem breeders encounter is Salmonellosis which causes fowl typhoid. This is a severe systemic infection that can lead to anaemia, leucocytosis, hepatosplenomegaly, and intestinal tract haemorrhage.

Since Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSFL) are considered high-value feed because of their rich protein and better amino acid profile compared to soybean meal. Studies were made and determined that when 3% of BSFL were added to the usual soybean meal diet of broiler chicks, it gives an amazing result in terms of growth performance, immunological assays, and survivability against experimental Salmonella infection.

With this experiment, it has been determined that BSFL feeding can stimulate nonspecific immune responses in broiler chicks, and increase their survivability and growth.

BSF Great Protein Substitute for pigs
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