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  • Elise De la Pisa

Food Waste Treatment Using Black Soldier Fly

Food waste is a major global problem but there are things we can do collectively and as individuals to reverse this terrible trend. Over 900 million tonnes of food goes to waste each year, 60% comes from household while 25% comes from food service, and 15% from retail. Reducing waste could have social, economic, and environmental benefits.

According to the UN report, this 900 million tonnes of food waste is linked to the 8-10% of global carbon emission.

Food waste burdens waste management systems, increases food insecurity, and is a major contributor to the global problems of climate change, biodiversity loss, and of course, pollution.

What can we do to reduce food waste? Do we really need technologies to save the environment? Here are some of the ways we can prevent food ways as individuals:

  • Buy less, use what you buy, and get creative with your leftovers

  • Fresh is not always best; frozen food products often retain more nutrients than fresh items, especially “fresh” food that are imported

  • Avoid deals that encourage you to buy more than you need

Food-related businesses such as supermarkets can do their bit towards reducing waste by maintaining the quality and safety of produce, using the least amount of energy possible.

Putting a complete termination to food waste is impossible on other food-related business like restaurants although the use of the Black Soldier Fly technology is the most efficient way to putting a good use to the food waste.

Ruy Reach, Cambodia's leading Black Soldier Fly supplier, has partnered with a few establishments like Pizza 4P's, Farm To Table, Riel Brewing, Bong Bonlai, Terraza, and Khmer Organic. The main aim of Ruy Reach is to lower the generation of organic waste, which harms the environment. Ruy Reach products provide a high-quality, sustainable, and natural animal feed for healthy livestock, swine, and fish.

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