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  • Elise De la Pisa

Facts About Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Black soldier fly (BSF), also called Hermetia illucens, is a member of the Stratioimyidae family in the Diptera order (Diptera is taken from the Greek “di” which means two, and “ptera” meaning wings).

The multiple benefits of the black soldier fly started to spread its popularity due to its ability to transform waste into high-quality protein and make breeding areas of houseflies less desirable. BSF is considered the most beneficial flies in existence and is considered non-pests.

  • Soldier fly adults are weak fliers and spend much of their time resting in bright, sunny areas on vegetation or structures

  • Soldier flies are bluish-black with dusky wings that are held over their backs when resting

  • The black soldier fly's first abdominal segment has two clear areas near its second segment giving it a "wasp waist

  • Soldier fly adults can grow up to 7/8 inch long, with large eyes and long antennae that project forward from the head. Legs segments are whitish and black coloured.

Black soldier flies can be seen in bright, sunlit areas, resting on nearby structures or vegetation. They are non-pests because adult flies don't have mouthparts and don't need to feed. They are best in terms of manure and waste management, wards off other flies, and their larvae converts the waste nutrients into 42% protein and 35% healthy fat that are use as feeds to other animals such as chicken, pigs, and fish.

Don't be scared of these little soldiers and help us in protecting them so they can do their jobs most especially in waste management.
BSF Great Protein Substitute for pigs
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